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Community Woodland Management and Wood-fuel


Who are we?

Established in 2004, Golygfa Gwydyr is a social enterprise based in Llanrwst. We are a non-profit, community led organisation. Our values are based on community participation, anti-discriminatory and person centred practice. We generate income from room hire, ticketed events, courses and fundraising but are largely dependent on grant aid. We have three employed project officers who report to a board of Directors comprising of 8 community members.

What we offer

  • Welcome and Information Centre (incl. public WC/babychange/Wi-fi/Internet/What’s on/ transport info and more
  • Men’s Sheds
  • Job club
  • Caerdroia Working Parties (maintenance, construction, environmental)
  • Dan Y Coed – developing new ideas/theatre group/uses at the site, & a rolling programme of events
  • Caerdroia Sensory Labyrinth Performances
  • Community Tourism
  • Woodland Management
  • Community Woodfuel Co-operative
  • Women’s Yoga
  • Friendship Group Fridays 1.30—3.30

Lottery Grant Application

Llanrwst sits on the edge of the Gwydyr Forest yet, today, many people barely notice it or rarely venture a walk into its interior. In the past the forest was a major employer and the wealth of the area depended upon it as well as farming. Many legends and stories are based there, from Llewellyn to the Great Fire of 1938, and Llanrwst has his-torical ties going back many generations.
The Gwydyr Forest can still provide many benefits to our community but these are hard to realise now the forest seems disconnected from the community and so few of us work there. Last year GG asked people what they thought about living in rural Conwy and what they would like to see happen. Many mentioned the forest as an important place so GG proposed ways of accessing the forest for community benefit.
The result is an application to the Lottery Create your Space programme. We are asking for funding to strengthen our ties with the forest through community management and access to the woodland and its resources. We hope our project will generate a sense of ownership of our woodlands (much of the Gwydyr Forest is Welsh Government estate so it belongs to the people of Wales anyway) and instil a sense of pride in our natural environment. We should know if we have been successful in April, so if we are, we will promote and celebrate widely.
GG has already signed an agreement with Natural Resources Wales which will enable us to manage two sites: the Caerdroia – 11 hectares of conifer forest where we already have our labyrinth theatre; and the arboretum – 3 hectares including the picnic site off the A5 between Swallow Falls and Ty Hyll.
The woodlands will be managed to provide a space for community activities and to in-crease our sense of wellbeing. We will use the woodland resources and Lottery funding for:

  • Community events – Caerdroia theatre, open days, walks, mindfulness activities.
  • Community learning – citizen science for adults and children, work-based training, knowledge of local history and culture.
  • Saving the planet – increased biodiversity, better wildlife habitats, greater access to the natural environment, lifestyle choices.

Our project is based in rural Conwy and will be open to all Conwy residents. We will need help to manage these sites and develop projects. If you are interested in helping please refer to our volunteering page.