Hello and welcome to Golygfa Gwydyr

We are happy that you are considering coming to us as a volunteer.

If you just want to help out or are considering a career in community work, woodland management, community art or environmental work, Golygfa Gwydyr can offer you experiences to help develop your knowledge, skills and understanding and add to your skillset and CV.

Opportunities on offer:

Participants will be offered a range of roles in different areas of the project.

These include:

  • Woodland management (strimming, pruning, and felling)
  • Environmental projects (building benches and shelters)
  • Environmental arts projects utilising the forest space
  • Immersive performance pieces
  • Assisting with admin and tasks at our hub
  • Helping to run activities at the hub including community groups and job club.

Volunteering is NOT “working for nothing”:

  • gain work experience in a new profession
  • learn new skills that give you an advantage when applying for paid work
  • develop your ‘soft skills’: these are things like attitude, responsibility, team work, communication, tenacity, confidence, motivation, problem solving, commitment, and time keeping which are useful in day-to-day life as well as being things employers look for
  • stay active in the community and wider society whilst unemployed which will put you in a good position to hear about opportunities for paid work and show potentioal employers that you did something constructive and positive whilst out of work
  • be inspired and mentored by people in the organisation you volunteer for
  • feel good about yourself through being useful, making friends, achieving things, and having fun

Role descriptions for all of these with more information can be requested.

If you’d like to complete your school Work Experience placement with Golygfa Gwydyr, or if you are looking for for volunteer placements for University students or Social Services clients then please get in touch on 01492 642 110

Contact us on 01492 642 110 or come in for a chat or email rosiee@golygfagwydyr.org for further information.