In 2003/2004 an action group was formed because of the Forestry Commissions intention of building up to 100 cabins on the edge of Llyn Parc. The members were mainly from residents of the forest; some who had never met before, but they found that they could work together very effectively using their different skills and networks.

The group disbanded after the task was completed however, one of the members had been impressed by the changes that could be made when a disparate group of people come together and want to make a difference. It also became apparent during this action that people who live in such a rural area, which also covers numerous parish boundaries, are not very well represented and are often not consulted with when major changes are made to the environment where they live and work.

Because of this experience people living in the Gwydyr Forest were invited to a meeting in July 2004 to consider starting a community group. At the same time a community arts group called Cynefin were looking for a group who were interested in joining with them to make a labyrinth in the forest. A Cynefin spokesman was invited to that first meeting and explained the concept to the people who attended.

It was well attended and 5 people decided that they would like to form a group. Two other people joined at the next meeting and “Golygfa Gwydyr” was created.

Golygfa Gwydyr Community building in Llanwrst