As well as our full day tours, we offer half day trips and access to these destinations, as well as other activities including:

guided walks, history tours, photography trips, visits to Snowdonia, outdoor adventure activities, a network of accommodations, alternative places to stay and interesting places to eat in and around our locale. (All tours are subject to availability)

  • Cilydd Loose Leaf Tea Trail, a choice of independant cafes, bistros, restaurants & bookshops.
  • Caerdroia Forest Labyrinth. The largest Forest Labyrinth in the World, in our Gwydyr Forest.
  • Sacred Doorways Trail. An established trail of valued historic locations, plus a few of our own.
  • Hidden Waterfalls & Wonders. All there to be found, if you know where to look!

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  • Llwybr Te Cilydd Loose Leaf, dewis o gaffis annibynnol, bistro, bwytai & siopau llyfrau.
  • Caerdroia Labyrinth y Goedwig. Mae’r Labyrinth Coedwig mwyaf yn y Byd, yn ein Coedwig Gwydyr.
  • Llwybr Doorways Sacred. Llwybr sefydledig o leoliadau hanesyddol gwerthfawr, yn ogystal รข rhai ein hunain.
  • Rhaeadrau Cudd & Rhyfeddod. Gyd yno i’w gael, os ydych yn gwybod ble i edrych!