Our Tours are : a full day of travel with some physical activity (walking). We venture into some of the more remote locations of North Wales, as we endeavour to show you some of the lesser known gems of the Upper Conwy Valley, and include:

Tour 1 : Water Wheels & Water Falls

Looking at the link between the rivers of the Conwy Valley and the lives of those that have depended on that close knit relationship, this tour reveals some true gems.

Purposely avoiding the often visited falls of the area, this trip endeavors to show you those little known, lesser visited wondrous places just around that unexpected corner or just off the beaten track.

Tour 2 : Sacred Doors & Secret Places

There is a trail of Sacred Doorways that exists that travellers can follow. However, some of the most interesting locations are not included, and not everyone has the key to all the doors, it might be we know someone who does.

This tour visits some of the prize places from that trail and shows you a few of those lesser known gems right from the head of the Conwy Valley to it’s deepest recesses.

Tour 3 : Woodlands & People

Visiting firstly the Caerdroia Forest Labyrinth Theatre site, the only one in the UK and largest in the World managed by Golygfa Gwydyr Community Organisation. This is the most modern and recent use and development within the Gwydyr Forest on the slopes above Llanrwst.

From there the trail travels round and shows the strong link between the forests and the local people that history has entwined, at the head of the Upper Conwy Valley.

For more information on these tours and others, please visit: www.gwydyrtours.co.uk