The Caerdroia is a permanent Forest Labyrinth, created in the natural environment with, and maintained by Golygfa Gwydyr, volunteers, and the local community. The Caerdroia becomes a venue for various performances and activities all year round, including the renowned Sensory Labyrinth Performances, as well as having many other uses which are proposed and run by the community.

theatr_cynefin_logoThe first of its kind, the Gwydyr Forest Caerdroia was built co-operatively between Theatre Cynefin, Golygfa Gwydyr, and local young people in 2005, and at a mile long is the largest labyrinth of its kind in the world.

More recently (2012) we have established, with the help of Voluntary Arts Wales, a local community theatre group ‘Theatr Dan y Coed’ who have taken on the batton of coordinating and organising the Caerdroia Labyrinth Theatre events.

Theatr-dan-y-coedTheatr Dan-y-Coed are currently planning their next activities including further sensory labyrinth theatre training. This training will be run with Iwan Brioc, who’s idea it was to build the Forest Caerdroia, along with GG, in the 1st place, and developed the concept of Sensory Labyrinth Theatre. Please get in touch if you are interested in being involved via their website

The Caerdroia has hosted 9 professional sensory labyrinth performances to date, with a 9th in the planning –

  • Caerdroia July 2005 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Heuldro Haf June 2006 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Heuldro Gaeaf December 2006 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Ysbrydnos October 2007 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Alban Hefin June 2008 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Eco Panto April 2011 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Conversations December 2012 (Theatr Dan-y-Coed)
  • Mid Summer Murders June 2013 (Theatr Dan-y-Coed)
  • The Box December 2013 (Theatr Dan-y-Coed)
  • Fear October 2014

Clip from Caerdoia 2005: click here

Clip from Heuldo Haf 2006: click here

Iwan Brioc of Theatr Cynefin talking about the Caerdroia: click here

The Caerdroia Forest Site has also been used for our accredited environmental training programs, volunteer initiatives (Duke of Edinburgh Award, Millennium Volunteers), social inclusion projects (Touchstone 12 Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, Making Tracks Youth Initiative, Conwy Alternative Education), family events (Fairy Tale Picnic, Forest Family Fun Day), and for holistic health and well being projects (Soulskin, Mindfulness Meditation).

The projects on site include the building and maintenance of the labyrinth pathway, art, sculpture and poetry installations, the renovation of the well and plum orchard which supplied Pen Y Parc Farm prior to the 1950s, the construction of two timber framed eco-compost toilets, the construction of the Soulskin tepee from on-site timber, woodland skills including dead hedging and the plantation of native tree saplings grown from locally gathered seed.

Golygfa Gwydyr’s Caerdroia won Best Cultural Activity at the Conwy Pride of Community Awards 2010.

  • Caerdroia Gorffennaf 2005 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Heuldro Haf Mehefin 2006 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Heuldro Gaeaf December 2006 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Ysbrydnos October 2007 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Alban Hefin Mehefin 2008 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Eco Panto Ebrill 2011 (Theatr Cynefin)
  • Sgyrsiau Rhagfyr 2012 (Theatr Dan-y-Coed)
  • Llofruddiaethau Canolbarth Haf Mehefin 2013 (Theatr Dan-y-Coed)
  • Y Blwch Rhagfyr 2013 (Theatr Dan-y-Coed)