Gwyl-Gwydyr-festiva-storytelling gwyl-gwydyr-storytelling-posterPromoting North Wales’ award winning Storytellers at the Caerdroia site in the Gwydyr Forest, Gwydyr Uchaf, and the Church, Gwydyr Chapel and Almshouses in Llanrwst.

A celebration of local stories related to the forest folk and farmers including legends of the locality – similar to Gwyl Chwedleu Dyffryn Conwy – March 2003

Sample Stories:

  • The Tale of Tomas the Beekeeper – who lived on the edge of the forest and made healing honey in the fourteenth century.
  • The Bishop of the Bath – who filled the pulpit in Chapel Gwydyr and was a great eater and womaniser.
  • Conwy Afanc and legends of Llewelyn and Siwan Tales from Y Mabinogi – second and fourth branches.
  • Lludd and Llefelys and the Tale of Maxen Wledig.

Facilitated by professional, recognised storytellers – this will be an exciting event for those interested in becoming a storyteller and keeping the storytelling tradition alive.