caerdroia boysFAQ: Labyrinths differ greatly to a maze in that a Labyrinth is a path, whereas a Maze is a puzzle. You can’t get lost in a Labyrinth, only find your way to the next performance.

DYK: In 2005 the largest labyrinth in the World was built in the Gwydyr forest above Llanrwst in the Conwy valley, the first of it’s kind in the UK. Every year since then there have been performances staged at the Labyrinth, known as Sensory Labyrinth Theatre performances. These have become very popular with audiences from all over North Wales and further afield.

Golygfa Gwydyr Caerdroia

photo coutesy of: Tim Anderson

Every performance is different and in the main the performers are locally based, with many from the Conwy Valley and from across the whole of North Wales.

On occasion we have performers who travel from around the world to take part. In 2011 for example, the ‘Eco-Panto’ Labyrinth attracted performers from Bristol, Manchester, London, Portugal, Austria, and Eastern Europe.

Last year the ‘Theatr Dan-y-Coed’ theatre group were set up, with the help of Voluntary Arts Wales specifically for individuals interested in performing or getting involved in the Caerdroia Labyrinth Events and Performances.

Theatr-dan-y-coedThis group, made up of experienced, plus a new generation of Caerdroia Labyrinth performers, about 40+ to date with ages ranging from 8 – 80, have taken on the role of recruiting and looking for new performers and often run workshops, gatherings and get together’s either at the GG building or up on site.

Each show involves around 30+ performers and numerous volunteers to help prepare the site, including maintaining and repairing the 1 mile woodland path along which the performances take place, building woodland structures and sculptures, and erecting temporary shelters for the events etc, so there is always plenty to do and get involved with.

Traditionally there had only been one Labyrinth performance per year or so, but with the new enthusiasm of Theatr Dan y Coed then there will be more Labyrinth shows each year and many other opportunities to get involved.

If you’re interested in performing in one of the Labyrinth shows then It does help if you’ve attended and experienced one of the performances first, and you can always speak to one of the staff there if you’d like to know more.

Alternatively if you’d like to know more about getting involved and performing in the Caerdroia, sensory Labyrinth Theatre training or just getting involved generally then you can contact either Holly or Roger

Caerdroia slate mapFor more information on Golygfa Gwydyr’s activities in general then you can either search the rest of the web site or contact the office on: +44 (0) 1492 642 110 or email: