Welsh Government Fact Sheet:

The Golygfa Gwydyr Nature Fund project will build the capacity of the local community to undertake woodland management activities on Welsh Government (NRW), Conwy County and privately owned woodlands. The aim is to increase third sector engagement with the management of public land and bring under-managed woodland sites into management by utilising community resources (people and skills) to undertake practical management tasks and deliver resource benefits in line with Conwy and Welsh Government strategies. Particular resource benefits would include:

Action for local environment
• Managed and sustainable woodlands.
• Increased biodiversity.
• Control of invasive species.

Action to stimulate innovation
• Opening up woodland sites for education, skills training and development.
• Preparing people for rural work.
• Increased volunteer and community participation in the management of local woodlands.
• Increased resource production to stimulate local economies.
• Opening up woodland access for tourism and recreation.
• Re-connecting communities with their woodlands.

The project will test the assumption that the third sector can play a significant role in managing public and private woodland resources and thus realise economic, social and environmental benefits for participating communities, making them more sustainable and less dependent on public funding. Community engagement will enable greater value for money contracting for large- and small-scale public commissioning whilst ensuring that community benefits are realised through direct action by the community, or contractual community benefit clauses where appropriate. At the same time increasing community engagement with woodland management will increase citizen participation at both government (policy/strategy) and community (action) level. People playing a more active role in shaping their lives and future potential will bring greater health and wellbeing opportunities whilst shaping a more vibrant future for the people of Wales.